Carmen and Manuele in Rome

Wedding Photographer Rome. Planning your Italian wedding could be a joyful occasion to be part of the main character of this warm sprawling city.

Rome Wedding Photographer

As wedding photographer Rome means a breathtaking scenery, a large variety of venues and locations and of course, a romantic atmosphere! The cradle of the most ancient historical side of Rome is enclosed in the 20.000 mq of ruins that include Roman Forum, Palatino Hill and Colosseum.

The well known walking path, Via Dei Fori Imperiali, connects Colosseum at Piazza Venezia and is now a pedestrian route and could be an easy starting point for your couple portrait session.

The overwhelming architectural and artistic beauty is the perfect mix of cultures stratified for centuries that will leave you breathless. Trastevere and Tiberina Island, Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain.

 A breath-taking wedding in Rome, the eternal city. Also, add the wide selection of food, wine and the mild weather all year round. Rome reveals itself in its multitude subtle and unexpected sights constantly changing with the light.

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Carmen and Manuele love Rome, with its undisputed and timeless charm, the art masterpiece's of every age that envelop you at every glance: this is the reason why the choice fell on the Eternal City and crown their love here.

This is the story of a wonderful marriage in Rome. As a photographer who works abroad and in Italy with spouses who come from foreign countries, I am used to rituals and ceremonies that bask in detail, organization, words, religious beliefs and customs.

It was like an artistic photography: the story in pictures done by an outside observer, a poorly laid-back service, with a few portraits and many live moments captured.

My work wedding style

If you want a professional photographer in Rome to capture this milestone around the ancient ruins, we will suggest an itinerary off the beaten track. Rome, guardian of the italian artistic treasure, could be the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding in Italy.

This will mark those intimate moments of your life which you won’t find anywhere else on earth.

What makes Rome a must-see city in a lifetime is, the magical atmosphere and the home-feeling that someone experiences while walking around the lovely narrow streets discovering hidden historical vistas.

Shape puncturing the skyline will enchant you at the golden hour; you will be in love with this unmatched city, forever. Working as a wedding photographer in Rome is always a fascinating experience, there are many locations that can become a source of inspiration

More ann more Wedding Photographers work in Rome. My Photographic style is different made of warm tones, lights, shadows and connections between people.

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